Why you should buy a poly mailer for shipping stuff?

Poly Mailers Postal Bag with size in 14.5x19 in 100 pieces.

This is a Large Shipping Bags for Mailing any merchandise. It has Strong Self-sealing Adhesive Tape, being Waterproof and Tear-Proof in different colors for selection. This product can be found at this link: https://amzn.to/3k1eTCx.

There are many obvious benefit for using poly mailing and shipping bag to ship things, no matter you are to ship the goods across the country or even internationally. It is because poly mailer shipping bag is:

●      considered as the cheapest shipping bag amongst other packaging materials;

●      highly waterproof;

●      the least heaviest material you can choose from among other material;

●      being with light weight so shipping can save the shipping fee;

●      extremely easy to store due to its being able to be folded completely flat and thin;

●      durable and can rener strong protection; and

●      can be reusable again.

Lowest Cost Solution You can Find

Poly bag is made from crude oil and it is very cheap by itself. Lightweight poly mailers can be bought at very low pricing. Also, though it is thin, it is still very light. It will further save the shipper's shipping cost, especially if you are business seller that will send hundreds or even thousands of parcels every day or two.

Durability and Tear-Proof

Poly mailers can maintain your whole package intact without much hassle. It can withstand strong pressure and tension. It is almost impossible to tear off a plastic bag during normal transportation. With a well-made and properly closed one-time adhesive tapes,  one must open the poly mailer with brute force by tearing the parcel apart. This mean the items inside is well protected. The poly mailer can for sure protecting seller's and buyer's merchandise safety, privacy and confidentiality.

What You Can Pack Anything Wanted in the Poly Mailer

Poly mailers are good for packing anything you can think of. From relatively soft goods like garment and fashion to tiny little things like fashion accessories and jewelry. If your merchandise has its own packaging box, poly mailer can serve as an extra outer protection. It also allow you to write or put the shipping label conveniently. Shipping can further choose to put bubble or cardboard inside the poly mailer or even simply buy for bubble padded poly mailer too if wanted.

Poly Mailers Can Be Reused

Poly mailers can be reused if it has the feature of double adhesive tapes and perforation. The feature permits recipients to open the bag without hassle and tearing off the bag.

We believe we have rendered answers about poly mailers with this article. For ordering poly mailers for your business or home, you can click here.

Or if you want to make your own custom printed poly bag, custom size poly bag, custom poly mailer, custom plastic mailing bag, you can feel free to contact us here or email us at sales@eplasticbag.com.


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