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How Can You Make Die Cut Punch Hole Boutique Shopping Bag's Grabbing Handle Stronger at Low Cost?

Die Cut Bag is best for retail shop and boutique to pack their goods to customer. The die cut punch hole is usually in oval shape so that user can easily put their handle through the hole and grab the bag easily. However, it should be noted that the stuff being put inside this kind of bag should not be too heavy because of two main reasons: (i) The handle part (die cut punch hole) is in the top of the bag and so, if one puts a lot of things inside the bag, the handle may face a risk of being broken. (ii) If the handle is being torn extremely, grabbing on the bag 's punch hole will cause your palm feeling painful. In order to ensure that the bag's handle will not be easily broken, one can choose from three options for that: Option 1 Make the bag thicker and hence the handle part will be thicker too and can withstand pressure and tear. But this will cost more on the material and this will reflect in the price of the bag and further on the shipping fee of the bag. Option 2  A chea

by Egreis Die Cut Handle Poly Mailer Bag

This is a relatively new type poly mailer bag in which it is made by combing the standard poly mailer bag with a die cut punch hole handle. From the picture above one can see that the plastic mailer bag is featured with: - standard mailing bag body which can hold the item inside; - strong adhesive tape with liner that can be peel off when being used; - a die cut punch hole as a handle for easy grabbing and carry. If you are thinking of making your own custom printed poly mailer for your online store, you can consider adding this feature of a punch hole for easier carrying. has been established since 1966 and we have our own factories and sales offices in Asia. Please feel to contact our packaging specialist for free advice at . 


Reducing shipping expenses for your e-commerce business is an excellent method to boost profits. Small firms, in particular, can benefit significantly from reducing shipping costs. Less expensive shipping increases profits, especially if a free shipment is offered. Customers are more likely to finish a purchase if you charge reduced shipping charges. So, what steps can you take to minimize your shipping costs? Does it seem like it might be possible to get a lower delivery rate? Here are 7 tips for saving your shipping costs: Reduce Package Weight You can't reduce product weight, but you can reduce packing and infill. • Always use a bag instead of a box. Translucent or plastic shopping bags are safe for most apparel. • The thickness of flexible cardboard boxes varies. Use the lightest packaging possible to protect your goods. • Divide the box by product. Ship in a box no bigger than the order's contents. This minimizes the quantity of infill required. • Reduce the infill

Top Tips For Selecting Custom Printed Poly Mailer Bags

It will help if you choose custom printed poly mailer bags that are of the finest quality. When it comes to shipping or mailing products and commodities to consumers, you naturally want to make sure that they arrive safely and that they reflect well on your business. To achieve such objectives, you'll need to choose the appropriate custom printed poly mailer bags. When your company's reputation is on the line, any mailing bag will not suffice. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the appropriate bags that will meet your requirements. USPS Approved To begin, make sure the poly mailer bags you choose are USPS authorized. Failure to choose the appropriate bags may result in a delay in the delivery of your goods, lowering customer satisfaction. At, all of our poly mailer bags are USPS approved. Consequently, you can be confident that your goods will never be delayed due to the use of an unauthorized mailer bag. The Crucial Role of Security Items go through a l

The Many Benefits Of Custom Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are watertight and have high moisture resistance, reducing the risk of damaged goods. Strong Self-Sealing Adhesive Closing: Both envelopes feature a massive self-glue closure, saving time and keeping interests safe. Custom Poly Mailers are made from the highest products to ensure that your items are kept safe. Operating a company is a lot of effort and comes with a lot of difficulties. This is true when it comes to efficiently and safely deliver purchases. The shipping procedure has many opportunities for mistakes, from possible damage while shipment to missing goods in the mail. While errors are unavoidable, sending your goods in high-quality poly mailers may prevent you from getting many of the dangers that might occur throughout the shipment process. Poly mailers are made of the highest-quality fabrics, guaranteeing that your items are maintained securely at all times. Price Efficacious The truth is that your client may be dissatisfied with their transaction or require

The Many Benefits of Using Industrial Polypropylene Poly Bag

Polypropylene poly bags offer a crystal-clear look that aids in the presentation of your brand's goods appealingly. This is particularly helpful in the apparel sector, as well as in any other industry where customers value the opportunity to view a product before making a purchase decision. Another incredible advantage of polypropylene poly is its capacity to retard the evaporation and dehydration of liquids. As a result, polypropylene poly bags are very effective in preserving the freshness and flavor of packaged goods. Aside from being more resistant to chemicals or organic solvents, this kind of poly Bag also creates a strong barrier against moisture and vapors, which further improves its capacity to keep product quality intact. Here we are going to discuss Spartan Industrial Polypropylene poly bags which are best for packing clothes. What is polypropylene? In its thermoplastic form, polypropylene (PP) (also known as polypropene) is a polymer that may be utilized in a broad ran

Mailing Bags Envelope with Built-in Handle and Self Adhesive Tape for Small Business

Today's business owners are always on the lookout for new and creative methods to market their company. Although there is an infinite number of possible approaches, the success rate of each technique varies. The good news is that a technique has successfully survived the test of time: mailing bags. Even a small company may benefit significantly from the use of these incredible tools. Business owners unaware of these tremendous advantages should set aside some time to get acquainted with them. Today we are going to discuss how Poly Mailers are the best fit for your small business.  What are the benefits of using Custom Poly Mailers for your shipment? Affordably priced marketing tool One of the most effective methods to promote a company is to include its brand in various items. Many company owners would use costly marketing techniques such as billboards, bus stops, and television advertisements to promote their products or services. Even though these techniques are effective, they a