How Can You Make Die Cut Punch Hole Boutique Shopping Bag's Grabbing Handle Stronger at Low Cost?

Die Cut Bag is best for retail shop and boutique to pack their goods to customer. The die cut punch hole is usually in oval shape so that user can easily put their handle through the hole and grab the bag easily. However, it should be noted that the stuff being put inside this kind of bag should not be too heavy because of two main reasons:

(i) The handle part (die cut punch hole) is in the top of the bag and so, if one puts a lot of things inside the bag, the handle may face a risk of being broken.

(ii) If the handle is being torn extremely, grabbing on the bag 's punch hole will cause your palm feeling painful.

In order to ensure that the bag's handle will not be easily broken, one can choose from three options for that:

Option 1
Make the bag thicker and hence the handle part will be thicker too and can withstand pressure and tear. But this will cost more on the material and this will reflect in the price of the bag and further on the shipping fee of the bag.

Option 2 
A cheaper solution than option 1 is to make the bag with a fold-over top so the handle part is folded and made with two layers of poly sheets. Thus, the handle part will be stronger and more tear-resistant.

Option 3
The lowest cost option amongst the three options is to only strengthen the punch hole area by glueing a rectangular clear poly sheet onto it. 

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