Poly Mailer Bag with Added Die Cut Punch Hole Handle for Easy Grabbing

Poly Mailer Bag with Added Feature of Die Cut Punch Hole Handle for Easy Grabbing is convenient for customer to to the package along with them.

The normal poly mailer bag or plastic mailer shipping bag is simply a bag with adhesive tape on the opening side, which is usually on the top of the bag.

The shipping bag, once closed with the adhesive tape, will appear like an extra large rectangle shaped envelope. Therefore, it is not very convenient for one who is to carry it.

Adding a die cut punch hole handle is good for carrying the bag. This is very good for the staff of the courier agent or postman. Also, sometimes, buyers may choose to collect the parcel and envelope at the pick-up location of the courier or post office. With the added carrier punch hole, it will make things a lot more easy.

Most of the standard or pre-printed polymailer shipping bag will not have the die cut punch hole feature. But if you want to make your own poly mailer, it is worth adding that. The cost of this feature is very low as it only cost you to make the poly mailer at least 3 inch longer.

If you want to make your own poly mailer, plastic mailing bag, shipping bag, courier bag, postage and further adding feature like die cut handle, double adhesive tapes with perforation, you can contact us here or email us directly at sales@eplasticbag.com, we will give you free advice, free design service, guaranteed lowest price from our factory and other information upon request.


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