Bubble Padded Mailer Bag 6" x 9" with Thank You Printed Padded Envelopes 6x9 inch Poly Bubble Mailers

This is a set of Bubble Padded Shipping Envelopes / Bubble Padded Poly Mailer for shipment. One can find its link here: https://amzn.to/3tptGKq

All Available Sizes to Select from: 6x9, 10x13 and 12x15 inch

This set of plastic padded envelopes feature strong shock-protective cushioned bubble and lining, strong side seams and a seamless bottom. Every piece of it is well made, shiny, light, durable and hold their shape during transit. They are made in premium quality and basically will not be easily worn out. The material is thick enough to protect the item(s) inside and will not be show-through so that package content can be kept safe and confidentially. Its unique designer prints provide a memorable moment upon receipt.

Comprised of a top-quality plastic outer sleeve and an inner shock-absorbent bubble lining. The side seams are firmly glued and the bottom is seamless for further protection. The adhesive seal is tamper-evident and secure. The cushioned bubble envelopes will not tear or puncture, and the dense plastic prevents show-through, maintaining the confidentiality of the package contents. They are light and durable and hold their shape.

This bubble poly mailer is great packaging for elevating your business image. With an extensive catalog containing a vast number of sizes, patterns and vibrant colors, the it allows you to personalize the experience for your customers, creating a remarkable and memorable moment upon arrival.

Many buyer say that the bag are very pretty. It has perfect size for the gifts they sent out, and very durable. All gifts made it intact through delivery. They are considered as really nice padded envelopes. Customer used them to mail gifts to others in various parts of the country.

This fabulous polymailer protected the gifts and were very festive so one does not need to further wrap the contents. These bubble padded poly mailer were exactly as stated and they worked out perfectly for the holidays and had a nice blank space to write the address.

These envelopes were cushy but not overly bulky so could easily get things in and out. The bag's design is bright and very festive. Perfect for holiday mailing. And with many different sizes available, one can choose the larger sized bag to accommodate some of the larger children’s Christmas books.

However, if you are looking for customizing a bubble padded poly mailer with your own custom printing graphics, custom size and your desired quantity, you are also welcome to contact us at sales@eplasticbag.com or visit us at http://www.eplasticbag.com/contact.


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